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“I’m always making a comeback but nobody ever tells me where I’ve been!” – Billie Holiday.

When we set up this idea of a dazzling return to thrill the bored heads of some individuals (names not mentionworthy), we decided to incorporate many options, but the main focus on tech and techwizards notwithstanding. Well for quite some time, it’s been always the same tale (well maybe not for everyone) of whose phone rules the market, whose charger draws current into a device instead of charging (don’t laugh; it actually happens), who runs the most efficient Operating System on their devices, or how weirdly somebody developed an idea.

Now here’s the “But…

Even if the idea of tech thrills majority of people (me included), when tech comes knocking at your door, and you open, you automatically  left another guy unfairly homeless! Get what I mean?

This world of tech is inconsiderately dynamic! Yesterday I saw some dude (still names not mentionworthy) flashing out his new phone with an almost infinite resolution camera, claiming it could detect if the over-the-counter drugs he buys are fake! Today he sent his live-in fiancee to his favourite grocer to fetch a bunch of bananas and an avocado. And, true story, she surprised everyone there when she whipped out a phone and began taking photos of every fruit she’d placed on the shopping cart, only to tell them that her phone could distinguish an overripe fruit or an underripe one from those on display, or one that had been gropped by every buyer!

And you know what we’ll see tomorrow? Mobile phones pursuing degrees for students! Children being delivered through printers! And a simple ‘copy-paste’ command that duplicates the chicken in your hen-house!

So with these shocks in the offing, it does not entirely make all sense to discuss the pleasantries of the moment! Give it a week and its already past-tense.

It’s in the best interest to broaden the scope of a site. Even your own eyes, though placed in front of your head, don’t only look forward! Otherwise you’d not see that cheeky buddy that likes adding salt to your tea at break-time thinking you’re not looking!

The future of this site will have to be held in the dark for now. What makes news at the moment is that we’re back, back with a big bang!

And so here’s our new antique:

Welcome to Protechknow, where we are now at nose-high attitude!!

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This is a topic that is open to unending debates. As far as I know, windows OS is far the most commonly known and used OS worldwide. But you need to know that there are a variety of other OS out there such as Macintosh and Linux (sometimes people refer it to ubuntu) which might be better than windows OS. In my own opinion it is high time people take a step and explore other OS and explore the advantages that come with them. I recently shifted to Linux OS after making a table of pros and cons between Linux and windows, and I came to the conclusion that Linux was best for me considering that I am  the type of person who like trying new things. Here is table that I used to make my decision on using Linux, precisely Linux mint 17 KDE .Here, I must say that i am using the latest of the Linux version; Linux mint 17 qiana which is said to be on the run until 2019 without the release of  a new version. This is good news for those who were considerate about the need of updating their Linux version almost twice every year as the newer version of  Linux mint  will not be coming out that soon.

Linux Windows
There are no security issues as Linux has only a few known viruses which have already been addressed. Most of the viruses in place are window based and windows OS is highly prone to attacks from the existing viruses and upcoming ones.
You won’t require even a single cent to acquire the OS all you need to do is find some strong wifi and download it from Linux (link) official website. You need some several dollars to purchase windows OS and be the sole owner. Don’t forget other expenses associated with the purchase of utility programs.
On the server side Linux is said to be more reliable than windows OS. Windows is prone to crushing and is not that fast compared to Linux OS.
Gives an opportunity to developers to explore the source codes as it is open source software. Since it is proprietary software there is no way you can have access to its source codes.
Once installed you are ready to start as most of the basic programs you require are included during installation. You have to purchase and install other application software for you to enjoy its use. Otherwise you are as good as having a blank computer.


It is better to note here that am not in any way campaigning for Linux: In fact, I know no one from Linux community, all am doing here is to bring awareness to those who by any chance were not aware of the existence and some of the benefits associated with other operating systems(OS.

Hopefully you will be joining me in the journey to exploring new stuff; I bet it’s worth the fun.

Below is a snapshot of my desktop.

Google I/O Keynote 2014 on android technology.

It’s been a few days ago when I happened to meet this guy called Kenneth who attended the Google I/O developer summit 2014. It was a great event that every aspiring developer would have never wanted to miss. One of the greatest things that really touched me was the keynote given by Android and Chrome chief Sundar Pichai, who really moved the audience with his statistics on the growth and progress made by android. Android smart phone penetration is estimated to have reached more than one billion users and counting. What really fascinated me about the keynote was the android wear which made your life appear as if it just rotates around your watch. The android wear assists its users to read notifications relieving them of need to remove the phone from their pockets. Moreover, the android wear enables you to make a pizza order at your convenience. Amazingly, the android group has also introduced the android auto, which is said to be going to reduce the number of accidents on our roads. To tell you the truth android has revolutionalise almost everything as there is also the android TV and much cool stuff in most tech related items such as tablets.
No more talk’s people just click on the video and see the fruits of ambitious people. Hope you will like it as I did and appreciate what the android people have been up to. Moreover, the android wear enables you to make a pizza order at your convenience.

Attention, Writers: The Next Blogging U. Challenge Is Here

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Last month, more than 4,000 bloggers joined us for Writing 101: Building a Blogging Habit, where they challenged themselves to carve out time to write regularly, and to experiment with new forms and styles. The result? Thousands of posts, comments, and follows, and countless new friendships.

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Writing 201 is a self-directed course on the art of revision: four weeks dedicated to self-editing and rewriting, looking at our work with a magnifying glass, and improving it. If you have existing posts that you’d like to work on, expand, or refocus, whether as a…

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Learn how to blog

This is to bring good news to all those who’ve been wishing to start their own blogs but have always been knocked to the

corner. I must admit that i was faced with the same problem for quite a long time, until luckily i found the solution. I happened

to be on Youtube and i came across this great tutorial that helped me achieve my goal, and today i would also like you guys  to


here is video.

iPhone 6 Sapphire Crystal Display leaked

The much awaited iPhone 6 Sapphire has been leaked. Pictures and videos of the so waited iphone 6 are going viral as

everyone tries to quench their thirst of the many questions in their minds. Is the crsytal display really waterproof, is it

resistance to scratches ….and most of all is the screen really twistable. Check this out.


saphire3 saphire2



Below is the surprising video demonstration of  iPhone 6


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